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ArtVertising.... What is it? Simply defined, it's an elegant piece of fine art that couples as an advertisement. Let’s say you are looking for a way to market your company, product or star… perhaps even all three at the same time? You have a website, you place ads, hand out postcards and the other marketing materials that a good solid business should. But what do you do when it comes to that special marketing piece, you know, the one that’s for your best clients, or sellers, of perhaps even sales person? We have the answer and not only is it great for your company, but it's great for them also. We call it an ArtVertisement. We actually started Visual Hangups as appreciation gifts to our friends and clients and they were dazzled to receive them, not to mention how it made us feel when we actually saw them hanging up in their offices and homes as decorations. At that point we knew we where on to something. These are 100% custom pieces designed exclusively for your company. No templates or click of the wrist art filters here!

All pieces are available in various sizes from 18 inches square up to 26 inches stretched over lightweight gallery bars and ready to hang.

Call or email us for pricing & details.

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