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Do you have standout new brews or wines that deserve an innovative showcase? Does your brewery/winery or label deserve a spectacular showcase? Need a fresh way to thrill your customers, distributors, retailers and industry insiders in one fell swoop?

At Visual Hangups, we combine art and advertising to expand your exposure and stretch your marketing dollars.Let our design team create for you an original mixed-media giclée ArtVertising piece that combines the above mentioned, giving you a winning point of purchase display that beats out the competition. Great for POP, gift shops, gifts & incentives or other important outlets!

Call us today to find out how we can change the way you market your product, and exponentially increase the selling power of your marketing budget.

All pieces are available in various sizes from 18 inches square up to 26 inches stretched over lightweight gallery bars and ready to hang.

Call or email us for pricing & details.

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